About this blog

This is the blog that I started a couple of years ago to share the high blood sugar situation that developed in my life, apparently from no-where. I have no hesitation in admitting that there was a bit of  panic initially but then the logical mind took over and I started analyzing this situation. My experience of dealing with diseases had taught me that this happens when ‘there is no sweetness left in life’ which I felt was not the case in my life then. [This of course does not explain why infants and the young ones develop this situation.] I did not have any answers immediately so there was no option but to accept this apparent negative in my life. I knew that I would get the answers when it was time. In the meantime, I did not start the medications as my doctor had asked me to but have been working at it as I know how.

Over the last couple of years, I have started looking at this situation in my life as an opportunity to experience first hand what an increasingly larger number of humans are living with today. My own body has become a laboratory of sorts to experiment, observe and then see what happens over a period of time. I know that Diabetics is looked upon as being purely a physical situation by everyone conducting research through conventional method of treatment. Agreed that the Diabetes experts tell the patients to take care of the stresses in their lives – but this is not as easy as it sounds. Having this situation in my life has given me an opportunity to look at it from all other angles that include the spiritual, emotional and mental perspectives. Maybe, I will find a solution and if not then I will die trying…

I also feel that some of the common symptoms like excessive thirst, urine, fatigue etc. are also not being understood properly. Yes, I did experience these symptoms a couple of years ago but they are pretty rare now.  Yes, there are still days when I drink a lot of water and consequently pass a lot of urine; days when I just feel like doing nothing because I have no energy – but these are becoming rare. I do not stay up nights on end either drinking liters of water or paying visits to the washroom. The energy levels are pretty high, generally – I have driven practically non stop from Ahmedabad to Delhi and I can work 16 hour days when required. Additionally, I no longer need to eat as much as I used to. All these factors are linked to the life-style shift that has happened within me because of this beautiful journey that I am on in this lifetime.

I am going to share my personal diabetes related experiences, the blood sugar readings etc. in this blog. The rest of the journey is already being shared in my other site  www.aashirwadhealing.com which is my virtual classroom and healing centre.

And the journey continues…

Cheers to life and to living!!!


Nov, 2010

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