Exercise and Blood Sugar – 3

Following readings were recorded earlier today:

A) The fasting blood sugar was lower than my ‘normal’. Normally, I should have been happy to see this reading but I now know that all these are just readings that have been blown out of proportions.

B) Exercise, workout etc. are known to reduce the blood sugar but I observed otherwise.

* * * *

Did the fasting blood sugar come down because I ate at around 7 PM last night and this by the way, was the only meal of the day?

This by the way is what the doctors do not recommend as the advice given to diabetics is to eat small frequent meals. I, however, believe that we humans are eating way too much. The body does not need all that once we stop growing.

I feel that these are just numbers and do not show the complete facts. Apparently the breakfast of mangoes pushed up the blood sugar levels but is food the only cause? What about the stresses, if any, that were in my mind during the intervening period? Was I thinking too much about something? How did the news about fuel price hike affect me, if at all?

The point I am trying to make here is that the blood sugar and blood pressure are known to fluctuate because of a lot of factors other than what we are eating. Popping pills to control the two, at least to me does not sound like a very wise thing to do but that is what the world seems to be doing.

12.08 PM

May 25, 2012.

About Surinder
Am working as a healing facilitator using the techniques of Reiki, Crystals, Breathing and Food as therapy. Got into this field accidentally. Now this is what I love doing. This space is primarily for posting results of my blood sugar tests along with details of all the factors that I think influence them. The general impression about Diabetes is that it is a companion for life. I disagree and am positive that it's just a matter of time before the truth will reveal itself. I am sharing what I have learnt (and am in the process of learning) about what all can affect human health at my other space aashirwadhealing.com

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