A bit of review

Aug 1, 2011. 10.35 am

I was just going through the earlier posts and this one caught my eye.

“Detoxification Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels!”

I have observed that the blood sugar level goes down whenever I have allowed detoxification to run its course. I have also realized that even I in spite of my limited intake (at least during the week) have interfered with the natural detox process by having that cup of tea, that small bite and that extra morsel of food which then takes energy before it can be digested. For instance, in this moment I am feeling a bit of heaviness and slight burning sensation in the eyes. I know that these discomforts will not interfere with my work but will become intense the moment I take a bit of time off. So the guideline for me is to allow the detox process by eating more of fruits and raw food which do help the process energetically as the energy requirements for digesting these are minimal. Alternatively, not eating anything at all also assists the process as all the energy that I breathe in as well as that generated in the body (because of more oxygen inhaled during the relatively slower breathing rate) will then work to get rid of the muck faster. The physical discomforts will increase but then these no longer bother me as the mind gets into a rather deep peaceful zone because of accepting  all these things as they are.

BTW breakfast today was half an apple. Did not feel like having anything more.

About Surinder
Am working as a healing facilitator using the techniques of Reiki, Crystals, Breathing and Food as therapy. Got into this field accidentally. Now this is what I love doing. This space is primarily for posting results of my blood sugar tests along with details of all the factors that I think influence them. The general impression about Diabetes is that it is a companion for life. I disagree and am positive that it's just a matter of time before the truth will reveal itself. I am sharing what I have learnt (and am in the process of learning) about what all can affect human health at my other space aashirwadhealing.com

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