Rise in fasting sugar level

Its 0610 am as I type this. I did my tests about an hour ago and got some interesting ones: Blood Pressure 131/90 and Blood Sugar 173.

Physical discomfort that I have is a slight nagging pain at the right side back of my head. There were a lot of thoughts going around in my mind also. These are related to my other profession, that of investigating suspicious insurance claims. One of my professional associates withdrew recently after a long association of around 13 years – mostly because he could not get along with the associates who were junior on account of their making more because they have taken more responsibility on their shoulders. The decision of his withdrawing is not creating any more stress as we have been through that a couple of months ago. What I see in this moment is the potential of conflict over splitting the record payment received yesterday for the biggest case that we worked on as a team last year.

Anyway if that stress is the reason for the elevated fasting blood sugar, then this is going to become normal as soon as the stress is taken care of.

I also had a lot of kheer (rice pudding) last night, a dish that I just can not resist and that could also have contributed to this elevated sugar level. The body will take care of it in due course.

I also feel the throbbing pain at the back of my head recede as I type this – so the stress could also be due to the need to get all this off my chest as quickly as possible.

The question that is coming up – keeping these various factors in mind –  is that, ’Should I be taking any Blood Sugar medication for these various situations that are going to be resolved anyway?’

Tough ask – but I am not going to go for any medications as the variations recorded over the last few days are just too many?


About Surinder
Am working as a healing facilitator using the techniques of Reiki, Crystals, Breathing and Food as therapy. Got into this field accidentally. Now this is what I love doing. This space is primarily for posting results of my blood sugar tests along with details of all the factors that I think influence them. The general impression about Diabetes is that it is a companion for life. I disagree and am positive that it's just a matter of time before the truth will reveal itself. I am sharing what I have learnt (and am in the process of learning) about what all can affect human health at my other space aashirwadhealing.com

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