BP and Blood Sugar almost “normal”


I have fallen a bit behind as the day was filled with activity:



23rd Sep

BP 142/90 Pulse 83 and Blood Sugar was 155. Was feeling cool but definitely not the best state of mind that I have experienced and KNOW can be achieved.

Had a couple of drinks and regular dinner of chapattis, vegetables etc. Did not do any deep breathing session and went to bed early.

Log for the day 24th Sep, 2008




0600 hours

Was breathing @16 bpm when I woke up. BP was 123/86 and Blood Sugar was 166.

0630 to about 0730

Did a remote healing session for an overseas client.

Breakfast was of instant noodles

0745 to about 0830

Time for a bit of music session with my tutor who visits twice a week


BP 139/93 and Blood Sugar was 224

0930 to 1130

Took a weekly session for an ongoing Reiki II class

1130 onwards

Office routine work and lunch of paranthas.

1330 to 1630

Patient visit for personal sessions

1830 to 1945

Remote healing session for an overseas client.


Resperate delivered and checked breathing rate which was 14.2 bpm

BP was 139/85 and Blood Sugar was 105.

Everything cool

Dinner of pav-bhaji and some rice pudding (kheer)


Impressions regarding fluctuations in my Blood Sugar

The fluctuations over the last couple of days were accompanied by some of the symptoms of Diabetes, viz. nervousness, anxiety feelings, restlessness etc. If I had rushed to a doctor with these complaints along with the results of the various tests, then he surely would have put me on appropriate medication for controlling my sugar levels and I would not have blamed him for doing so.

My present physical and mental states are telling me that my body has almost reached the pre July – August phase when things were going okay. Guess anybody would be happy with these readings considering the fact that my recorded blood sugar level rose to a high of 305 during the week and there were wild swings otherwise too.

However, I am not entirely satisfied with the heaviness that I feel. The alert alive feelings that I have been used to are not there. I know I am eating too much. – at times I have literally forced myself to eat the breakfast that I have been taking over the last couple of weeks or so.

I therefore, am not going to rest with these ‘normal’ readings – as I am going to start pushing my body in about 3-4 days time. It will be interesting to see the BP and Blood Sugar results then. I am going to keep on forcing myself to have three meals a day for the next three or four days – which is what the world is eating and is considered to be the appropriate thing to do. After that it is going to be action time – something I am really looking forward to.





About Surinder
Am working as a healing facilitator using the techniques of Reiki, Crystals, Breathing and Food as therapy. Got into this field accidentally. Now this is what I love doing. This space is primarily for posting results of my blood sugar tests along with details of all the factors that I think influence them. The general impression about Diabetes is that it is a companion for life. I disagree and am positive that it's just a matter of time before the truth will reveal itself. I am sharing what I have learnt (and am in the process of learning) about what all can affect human health at my other space aashirwadhealing.com

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