Log of 22nd September

Log for 22nd September


Test results:



Breathing Rate (bpm)

Blood Pressure

Blood Sugar




20  – 22




30 minutes of rhythmic breathing




Breakfast at 0700






Lunch at 1300








The increase in BP in the morning even after doing my breathing exercise was continuous thereafter. I got dressed in a hurry and rushed to office. It was as if something within was pushing me. My BP eased off as soon as I reached my work and i knew that  I just had to start the blog – an activity that I had been putting off. There was a lot of nervousness in me and I knew that it was entirely due to the energy within that was not being released in creative expression. The pressure was released immediatley and I could work peacefully as is evident from the reading taken at 1215 and later in the evening.


Food intake:

Breakfast – Sandwiches and black tea with almonds.

Lunch – Rice and Dal and some more brownie and vanilla ice cream.

1 cup of tea and 2 cups of coffee during the day.

Dinner – Chappatis,  Vegetables and Dal


Energy Working during the day:

  • 30 minutes rhythmic breathing early in the morning.
  • Remote healing for a patient at around 1030 AM
  • Patients visits between 1330 to 1630 hours.
  • Counselling session and bit of remote healing over the net between 1800 and 1845 hours.


About Surinder
Am working as a healing facilitator using the techniques of Reiki, Crystals, Breathing and Food as therapy. Got into this field accidentally. Now this is what I love doing. This space is primarily for posting results of my blood sugar tests along with details of all the factors that I think influence them. The general impression about Diabetes is that it is a companion for life. I disagree and am positive that it's just a matter of time before the truth will reveal itself. I am sharing what I have learnt (and am in the process of learning) about what all can affect human health at my other space aashirwadhealing.com

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