Finally ‘Normal’ Results

Got my fasting and pp tests done on Thur 16 April, 2015. Results were 93 fasting and 155 PP. Finally! A huge monkey off my back..

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Target not achieved

The goal that I set for achieving the accepted normal could not be achieved.

The following is the fasting reading taken on June 6:

This blood sugar level was observed couple of hours after a bowl of papaya:

I will go over the previous posts and write about this. In any case there was this thing about Attachment to Results that I was aware about. Looks like this is what has prevented the results from manifesting…

Deep Breathing Brings Down Sugar Levels!

I was experiencing some detox symptoms yesterday evening when I reached home. Did the tests and then a pretty extended session of deep breathing after a quick shower. The breathing rate dropped from about 6-7 at the beginning of the session to about 3-4 at the end of the session. Was feeling pretty relaxed afterwards and all the symptoms of high blood sugar levels/detoxification had disappeared by then. The test done after the session showed a drop of about 100 points. The following are the results:

However, the tests done today morning did not show such significant drop.

But the fact remains that this works at time. Better this than taking medications, I think!

6.10 PM, June 7, 2012


No Tests

Did not want to face another intense evening – had a very early dinner @ 6 pm. It was during the music class later that I was feeling glad that I had eaten. Otherwise it might have been tough for me to sit through it.

Therefore skipped testing last evening as well as this morning.

Feeling a bit irritable right now – at everything, at life. Thoughts of what the heck this is all about have been bothering me of late!

This too shall pass.

9.34 AM, June 6, 2012


Tests post intense detox evening

The tests done earlier today were different in the sense that there was not too much of a variation in the sugar levels in the pre workout and post workout sessions. The bowl of watermelon pushed up the sugar level. I am assuming that it is food alone that has that kind of effect – not what all is going in the mind or the breathing or whatever!

By the way, the breathing rate during the deep breathing sessions is around 3-4 breaths per minute which I think is a pretty good rate to have. I was able to achieve that rate yesterday evening because there was no panic in the mind; the symptoms that I described in the previous post were purely at the physical level. A part of the mind was affected but largely it was like I am witnessing this physical thing happening with total acceptance. I guess that is why I was able to tolerate the rather intense symptoms. Waiting for the evening symptoms today as I have a couple of energy working sessions planned in a short while..


1:48 PM June 5, 2012


Intense detox on June 4 evening

What I thought will happen did happen..

In the sense that I experienced rather intense symptoms at the end of the workday yesterday. It had been building up throughout the day because I needed to drink a lot of water and also had to pay several visits to the washroom. Then when it was time to lock up, I was feeling very irritable. Could barely keep my focus as there was total disorientation. By the time I reached home – which is about 5 min from my workplace – I was in the middle of a full blown detox. The eyes were burning and there was this pressure inside the head along with plenty of restlessness. I do not blame the other diabetics when they seek medical help while feeling these kind of symptoms. As I knew what was happening, there was no panic.

Did the tests immediately on reaching home and saw that the systolic BP was a bit on the higher side. I did not have my dinner immediately as I normally do. Instead had a quick shower and then decided to do an extended session of deep breathing.  Did the tests again before sitting down for dinner. The post breathing session sugar levels showed lower results.

Guess I am ready to move to the next level of fitness as I was able to tolerate this level of detoxification.

Looking forward…

Results for June 4

The following are the results for the tests done this morning.

The sugar level went up a bit after exercising…according to the information obtained from the web, I should not be exercising. But am going to continue. Let’s see what happens.

Detoxification has set in…feelings of discomfort and all. Vision has become a bit blurry. Am in acceptance of the process.

More to come.

1:25 PM, June 4, 2012

More on Exercise & Blood Sugar

The tests done on June 2 did show a reduction in the sugar level after a round of 20 min of deep breathing, 15 min of stretching, 30 min of yoga and about 25 min of cycling.

The fasting level was though a bit higher – was it because of the dessert specially cooked by the younger daughter or was it the couple of drinks with dinner?

The following are the three results : fasting, post workout and post breakfast.

The target is to get the fasting blood sugar down to what the general world believes to be ‘normal’ in about 4-6 days. Did it last year too…let’s see if the same can be done now. I know that I will be facing a few days of discomfort in this process. The diet is going to be 2-3 mangoes for breakfast, nothing for lunch, a light dinner and maybe a couple of cups of tea/coffee during the day.

Looking forward to the next weeks tests. I am keen to find out what this kind of diet and regular exercise does to the sugar levels.

By the way, did a bit of research regarding the possibility of the blood sugar levels rising after exercise. Guess what? It is known to happen. The advice – not to do exercise in case this happens. Now this sure has got me confused…

7.33 PM, June 3, 2012

Blood Sugar after Exercise Results

Was ‘woken’ up at around 4 AM. Did a blood sugar test and then a series of yogic exercises including the subtle yogic vyayam for all the joints in the body followed by a long session of deep breathing. Dozed off for a little while after that. Took care of some chores before doing the second set of tests. Both these tests are fasting tests.

Following results are going to challenge the belief that exercise is known to bring down the sugar levels – I think I know why it is not happening in my case? Will share later.

More to come and way to go…

5.20 PM, June 1, 2012

Readings on the morning after

Last night we watched CSK thrash DD in the Qualifier2 of IPL with a group of friends. We partied and as a result got up late. Skipped the exercising bit. Did the fasting and pp tests. The following are the results which just show that partying tends to push up the sugar level. This does not disturb me now…

Feeling heavy headed since morning but am not fighting it. In a way, this heavy feeling is good…

12:09 PM,

May 26, 2012